Woodland Family Camp 2017

Please join us June 17–22, 2017 for Woodland Family Camp!

We have exciting things planned! Mountain Laurel, a local bluegrass group will be here for the opening Saturday night, June 17 at 6:00 PM. Rod Puckett is in charge of the music, Don Coy is leading the youth activities, Nancy and Alisha Bennett will be ministering to the children, and a local pastors will be speaking each evening. And, of course, a big part of campmeeting is the fellowship.

I am so looking forward to seeing each of you!

Frank Baldwin, Jr.
Camp Director

Camp meeting has had an important role in the history of the spiritual development of Christians. While it has vacillated on the precipice of extinction, there is a growing desire nation-wide to re-assemble with old friends, to slow down from the assiduousness of life and focus on spiritual renewal. Woodland Family Camp
Woodland Family Camp Woodland Family Camp is an association of believers who assemble each year representing many denominations and churches. One week out of the year, people come from all over the United States to reconnect with old friends. Many share a connection with the conservative holiness movement as either former or current members. Many first-time attendees comment on the diversity yet the spirit of unity which is shared among fully devoted followers of Christ.
“I was apprehensive about attending because it’s been years since I’ve seen a lot of these people and I didn’t know if they would accept me. It has been so wonderful. I’m so glad I came.” — Susan
Camp is designed with family vacation in mind. Mornings consist of Bible studies. Afternoons are kept free to fellowship or visit area attractions. After the evening service everyone gathers in the dining hall for a time to socialize and have hamburgers and ice cream. The teens finish the evening around the camp fire telling stories, sharing and singing. Woodland Family Camp
“My favorite part of camp is the night we spend in the woods playing ‘Man Hunt’.” — Teen Testimonial
Woodland Family Camp People’s lives are being changed at Woodland Family Camp. Not only in the services and times of prayer, but also in the time of fellowship. Lifetime friendships are being born each year during our camping season.