Woodland Family Camp 2016

It is with deep regret that I share the news that an assessment of the grounds at Woodland Camp revealed that it would be unduly hazardous and unsafe to conduct family camp as scheduled June 11–16, 2016. After discussion with the administrative board, the decision was made to postpone family camp this year.

Throughout the northern region of Indiana, many thousands of trees have been lost to a progressive disease of ash bore. While I was aware that the campground had some affected trees, the full extent of the problem was not realized until weather permitted me to perform a full analysis as the trees budded. The result – twenty-seven very large trees located from the camp entrance to the tabernacle must come down in order to make the grounds safe. Some are standing very precariously and one cabin has already been damaged due to a falling tree. The home we are living in at the campground narrowly escaped a falling tree. Multiple trees in the woods have fallen. I am currently in the process of determining the trees which place buildings most at risk to prioritize which should be removed first. In addition to the trees, there are other infrastructure concerns that must be addressed in order for campers to experience family camp in a safe environment.

The decision to postpone our gathering was a very difficult one for the board. An analysis of the dining hall records indicated approximately 180 people were on the grounds throughout the week last year. However, after prayerful consideration, it was determined that the liability for campers to convene is simply too great at this time.

The removal of the enormous trees, will be a significant task. There will be risk to RV’s remaining here on the grounds. I am requesting all who have parked RV’s to remove them by June 30, 2016 so that work can commence.

I do not want this news to be disheartening for you. The plans are for Woodland Camp to host a Fall Retreat/Old Time Campmeeting gathering as soon as these tasks are accomplished. Woodland Camp is not going away. Please check Facebook for announcements of the progress of safety repairs as they occur. I will post updates periodically. In the meantime, please keep Woodland Camp in your prayers. Woodland Campground is dedicated to Christ and His continuing work on earth. We are working diligently to improve the infrastructure to maintain the venue as a place of peace and restoration for the years ahead. Volunteer labor is greatly appreciated. If you are able to donate your time and labor talent, please contact me at: 765-744-5517.

Frank Baldwin, Jr.
Camp Director

Camp meeting has had an important role in the history of the spiritual development of Christians. While it has vacillated on the precipice of extinction, there is a growing desire nation-wide to re-assemble with old friends, to slow down from the assiduousness of life and focus on spiritual renewal. Woodland Family Camp
Woodland Family Camp Woodland Family Camp is an association of believers who assemble each year representing many denominations and churches. One week out of the year, people come from all over the United States to reconnect with old friends. Many share a connection with the conservative holiness movement as either former or current members. Many first-time attendees comment on the diversity yet the spirit of unity which is shared among fully devoted followers of Christ.
“I was apprehensive about attending because it’s been years since I’ve seen a lot of these people and I didn’t know if they would accept me. It has been so wonderful. I’m so glad I came.” — Susan
Camp is designed with family vacation in mind. Mornings consist of Bible studies. Afternoons are kept free to fellowship or visit area attractions. After the evening service everyone gathers in the dining hall for a time to socialize and have hamburgers and ice cream. The teens finish the evening around the camp fire telling stories, sharing and singing. Woodland Family Camp
“My favorite part of camp is the night we spend in the woods playing ‘Man Hunt’.” — Teen Testimonial
Woodland Family Camp People’s lives are being changed at Woodland Family Camp. Not only in the services and times of prayer, but also in the time of fellowship. Lifetime friendships are being born each year during our camping season.